Director of Estimating

Director of Estimating

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Co. has an immediate opening for a Director of Estimating.
This full-time position will develop and maintain detailed quantities and accurate cost standards for the use in developing cost estimates for all projects.


Requirements include but not limited to:

  • Administrate and Coordinate bids
  • Develop and Maintain relationships with customers
  • Responsible for overseeing estimating department
  • Responsible for staff development and annual performance appraisals
  • Follow Vehicle Operator Safety Program and Safety Policies
  • Working Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Capable of working on multiple projects at same time to meet deadlines.
  • Availability to Respond to Storm or Emergency Work

Important Skills and Abilities Include:

  • Knowledge of OSHA Standards
  • Professional Manner and Appearance
  • Strong Communication and Organizational Skills with Employees
  • Work on Projects Independently
  • Work in a Fast-Paced Environment
  • Accuracy, Efficient, and Promptness a Must
  • Ability to operate office machines and specialized equipment such as a computer, copier, fax machine and calculator.


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business Administration or extensive managerial experience in the Electrical Contracting industry may substitute.

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Director of Estimating Job Description



The purpose of this Job Description is to define the authority, duties, responsibilities, reporting relationship and measure of accomplishment for the functional position of Director of Estimating of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company as assigned to that function by the Divisional Vice President or President. This position is considered a salary position, the job requirements and your performance, will dictate the required hours to complete the necessary tasks between 45 and 50 hours per week.




The basic function of the Director of Estimating is the development and maintenance of detailed quantities and accurate cost standards for the use in developing cost estimates for all projects that The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company may pursue.


The Director of Estimating is also tasked with promoting and safeguarding satisfactory and profitable long term relationships with the customers of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company.


Another basic function of this position is that of an administrator and coordinator, providing the necessary planning, organization, direction, and control to meet the customer service goals of the company.




The Director of Estimating receives sufficient authority from, and is accountable to, the Divisional Vice President or President for the accomplishment of all assigned duties and responsibilities.


The Director of Estimating is responsible for all decisions relative to the estimating and bidding process subject to Divisional Vice President or President’s approval.




The Director of Estimating reports directly to the Divisional Vice President or President.


The following position(s) report directly to the Director of Estimating.

  • Chief Estimator
  • Senior Estimator(s)
  • Estimator(s)
  • Administrative Assistants

The Director of Estimating must maintain harmonious relationships with the Divisional Vice Presidents, Estimators, Project Managers, Subcontractors, General Contractors, Owners, and other individuals associated with ongoing projects.



The duties and responsibilities of the Director of Estimating include, but are not limited to, the following:


Ensures the accurate development of material take offs from the prints and specifications or design and develop specifications from data as supplied by the Owner, General Contractor, and/or Architect/customer.


Responsible for the development of cost estimates within the time frame as assigned by the due dates from the General Contractor/Owner/Architect/customer.


Acts as a liaison between customers and the company. This is to ensure that follow-through is done to meet the customer's expectations and maintain goodwill for future business.


Ensures that the pricing structure is competitive and that profitability is maintained.


Responsible for determining the necessary phases or parts of the project and which ones will be subcontracted to others, securing those proposals from subcontractors, and verifying the reasonable competitiveness of these proposals.


Where deemed necessary, "shop" material specifications with various manufacturers and/or suppliers for best prices.


Where necessary, visit job sites and / or pre bids, to secure data necessary to develop original bids and contract modifications. Then develop bids and contract modifications supplying the estimated cost data to the job costing program.


Delegates responsibilities to key employees in a manner that ensures that they understand their tasks and roles and in which control is maintained by the Director, Chief Estimator, and Estimator, if the Estimator is given such authority.


Ensures that job quotes are properly prepared and forwarded in a timely manner.


In developing a take off by the supplied plans and specifications, if the Director of Estimating sees a way to cut costs, he is to calculate the original according to specifications and then submit an alternate proposal.


Develop full knowledge of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company's estimating and job costing computer systems.


Responsible for the development and maintenance of standards and other data used in the estimating system.


Responsible for the training and implementation of new estimating takeoff and computation programs.


Responsible for the adherence of all subordinates to institute, utilize and maintain the estimating programs for accuracy of continued proposals and standardization.


Maintains a high proficiency in the area of computer aided estimating and company developed estimating spreadsheets / databases.


Responsible for the accurate consolidation of all data from the takeoff sheets to the job estimate summary. This includes assisting the entry into the Job Cost Program.


Where necessary, provide drawings and specification writing connected with contract modifications or to clarify field problems as long as they do not deviate from the agreed upon scope.


Validate and ensure that all project budgets are prepared for review by Divisional Vice President or President.


Follow up on bids as necessary to include following up with contractors and owners on bids that were not accepted.


Solicits new business.


Compiles complete and accurate job file upon receipt of contract / P.O., referencing materials, turnover to project managers or superintendents, project start-up sheets, and fix exact quantities.


Upon the opening of a job file, informs the Divisional Vice President or their representative of job scheduling, quantities and equipment needs and what materials are to be utilized.


Ensures timely job closing reconciliation to verify final payment is correct and make any needed adjustments to future estimating (Reconcile any discrepancies between General Contractor’s records and The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company’s records.)


Review all Job Cost Summary Reports with the Project Managers, Superintendents, Chief Estimator, and Divisional Vice-President to evaluate the profitability of the completed jobs and to undertake corrective actions as required.


Acts within the letter and spirit of the laws of the United States, the States, and municipalities in which The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company operates.


Reviews and updates job description annually.


Maintains cooperative working relationships with all company employees. This includes "inter" and "intra" departmental employees. Also included are all customers, contractors, owners, suppliers, etc.


Ensures that the pricing structure is confidential, in accordance with The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company confidentiality requirement contained in the company handbook, competitive in nature, and that profitability is maintained.


Ensures that Estimators are trained to perform their jobs adequately.


Ensure your availability to respond to Storm or Emergency work that may occur from time to time for proper support of customer’s needs.


Performs any other related, unrelated, unassigned, unspecified, unusual, or special duty the Divisional Vice President or President may assign from time to time.




The Director of Estimating(s) shall be deemed to be performing in a satisfactory manner when the following are met:


The ratio of bids to awards be maintained at an acceptable level as determined by the Divisional Vice President or President.


The projects that have been awarded to The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company are producing the desired gross margins.


All contract modifications are handled satisfactorily and are processed with costs and estimated gross margin by accounting.


Project management feedback is processed and integrated into the proposal / estimating programs to increase the award percentage.


Maintain and update estimating programs to streamline estimating operations and success of the division.


All administrative reports are submitted in a timely manner.


Overall satisfaction of the Divisional Vice President or President.






Preferred:        Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field.


Required:        High School Degree or equivalent and Associate Degree in relevant field (extensive electrical estimating experience may be substituted for Associates Degree.)




Preferred:        5 to 7 years of experience in Electrical estimating management to include computerized estimating programming.


Required:        5 to 7 years of experience in electrical estimating.


SKILLS:          Ability to lead the Estimating efforts of the company. In addition, must be able to work with and lead people, negotiate, speak publicly, analyze problems, and translate company goals into actions necessary to achieve the goals. Computer literacy in Microsoft Office products and MS Projects for scheduling are required.


PHYSICAL:    Includes sitting, standing, walking, and use of hands and arms to operate office equipment. Must be able to see (20/20 vision with glasses, 20/200 without) and hear (with mechanical assistance if necessary) sufficient to understand and comprehend individual one-on-one conversations.


MENTAL:      Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently. Must possess an in-depth knowledge of estimating techniques with knowledge of advanced math, heavy engineering, and technical research abilities a plus. Must be able to work under time and budgetary pressures.




This person will work in the office, which is a smoke free, temperature controlled environment with little noise. Occasionally, outside time will be spent in the field.


The outside setting will be spent in the open visiting job sites that can be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, hazardous, noisy, and dusty. Other outside efforts entail visits to customers, association meetings, or vendors that may require travel by air or automobile with overnight stays at remote facilities. These locations are visited throughout the year and during all weather conditions.