Director - Project Management

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Co. has an immediate position for Director - Project Management. Great benefit package. Please submit resume to by 12/09/2017.




This Job Description establishes and describes the authority, duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships and measure of accomplishment for the functional position of the Director - Project Management of The Hydaker-Wheatlake (HW) Company as assigned to that function by the Divisional President. This position is considered a salary position. The job requirements and your performance will dictate the required hours to complete the necessary tasks with a minimum of 40 hours per week. All overtime work shall be approved prior to performing outside regular pay.




The basic function of the Director - Project Management is to ensure that all contracts assigned to themselves or a project manager under their direction are completed accurately, efficiently, timely, within budget, with a high degree of quality and that they produce an acceptable level of profit.


Another basic function of this position is to be a manager and coordinator, providing the necessary planning, organization, direction, and control to meet the operational goals of the company for each project assigned to the group, which are focused on power transmission, distribution, substation, renewable energy, and gas distribution.




The Director - Project Management receives sufficient authority from, and is accountable to, the Divisional President for the successful completion of assigned duties and responsibilities.


The position has the authority to approve necessary purchases to manage and administer all operational affairs of projects within The HW Company's established guidelines.


The role has the authority, within established company guideline, to hire, fire, promote, demote or discipline those key individuals reporting directly to this position and direct these individuals to do the same with any subordinates.


The Director - Project Management has the authority to take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position so long as such action does not deviate from established company policies and is consistent with sound business judgment.




The Director - Project Management reports to the Divisional President.


The following positions report directly to the Director - Project Management:

  • Project Managers of Transmission
  • Project Managers of Distribution
  • Project Managers of Substation
  • Project Managers of Underground Electric & Gas
  • Project Managers of Renewables
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Other specifically assigned personnel approved by the Divisional President.

The Director - Project Management must maintain harmonious relationships with company employees, Sub-Contractors, General Contractors, Owners, and other individuals associated with ongoing projects.




The principal duties and responsibilities of the Director - Project Management consist of, but are not limited to, the following:


To ensure that all legal and regulated obligations for the company, from a contractual, safety, operational, and administrative perspective are met, and to take action needed to ensure that the actions of these employees meet all federal, state and local laws and regulations.


Ensures that all contracts assigned to the project management department are completed on time and within budget, as stated in the original proposal or contract.


Reviews and verifies the work of project managers within the department for accuracy.


Ensures that all information for progress billings, final billings, and service work are submitted in an accurate and timely manner.


Develops or modifies The HW Company’s project management process and methodology.


Provides training for project management staff to effectively follow The HW Company’s project management processes.


Mentors individuals within the project management department.


Ensures that all safety policies, rules, and regulations are followed and enforced.


Assists the Divisional President in the completion of employee performance evaluations for those personnel that have reported to this position during the period covered.


Staffing is maintained at a sufficient level to meet the needs of assigned contracts.


Coordinates with Contractors and Owners to ensure the prompt start of all assigned projects.

Acts as a representative of The HW Company in the community.


Ensures that pre-construction meetings are attended by themselves and their project managers under their direction as necessary.


Prepares reports requested by the Divisional President in an accurate and timely manner.


Assists lead personnel in resolving any problem areas.


Oversees the coordination of use, and movement of equipment, tools, material, and personnel between projects under his jurisdiction.


Stays current on developments with competitors.


Stays current on industry trends.


Responsible for familiarization with the complete scope and proposed method of construction for all The HW Company's projects that may be assigned.


Provides conduit for approval of all sub contractor's drawing requests, requests for information, and material submittals.


Responsible for quality control on all projects in keeping with The HW Company's high quality standards.


Maintain harmonious relations with everyone associated with the project.


Responsible for meeting or bettering the job time schedule and budgeted costs.


Enforce adherence of all The HW Company's employees as well as all sub-contractors to ALL of The HW Company's procedures and policies.


Ensures that turnover of Project Managers is held to a minimum and that turnover that does occur is in the best interest of The HW Company.


Develops and/or assists in proposal generation.


Makes necessary on site visits to determine labor, material, and equipment requirements, evaluate project performance and provide meaningful direction to the Project Managers under their direction.


Responsible to assist in potential Incident Investigations, Dispute Resolutions and OSHA Investigations.


Delegates responsibilities to key employees in a manner that ensures they understand their tasks and roles and in which control is maintained by the Director - Project Management.


Maintains cooperative working relationships with all company employees. This includes "inter" and "intra" departmental employees. Also included are all customers, contractors, owners, suppliers, etc.


Is aware of the general employee morale and initiates whatever procedures are necessary to improve and maintain an acceptable level, to include interviewing random crew members on a routing basis to ensure positive employee relations.


Acts within the letter and spirit of the laws of the United States, the States and municipalities in which The HW Company operates.


Ensures that the contractual agreement, customers, and pricing structure are maintained as confidential in nature, in accordance with The HW Company confidentiality requirement contained in the company handbook, and all direct reports are upholding the same requirements.


Ensures timely job closing reconciliation to verify final payment is correct and make any needed adjustments to future estimating (Reconcile any discrepancies between General Contractor's records and The HW Company's records).


Ensure your availability to respond to Storm or Emergency work that may occur from time to time for proper support of customer’s needs.


Performs any other related or unrelated, unassigned, unspecified, unusual or special duty the Divisional President may assign from time to time.




The Director - Project Management shall be deemed to be performing, in a satisfactory manner, when the following has been met and/or exceeded:


Assigned projects to group are completed in a timely manner.


Information, material, equipment, and tools are managed by group in sufficient quantities for the completion of assigned projects.


Assigned projects to group are completed in a manner that produces the highest rate of profit while staying within legal and quality guidelines.


All information for invoicing is completed by the department accurately and submitted in an accurate and timely manner, no later than 30 days between invoicing cycles.


All safety regulations are adhered to by all personnel in the department.


Overall satisfaction of the Divisional President.






Required:        Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business Administration; however, extensive managerial experience in the electrical contracting industry may substitute.




Required:        15 years of experience with a high quality electrical contractor.


SKILLS:          Must have the ability to manage all aspects of assigned construction projects. Must have knowledge of pertinent building codes for the states and counties in which The HW Company does business. Must have a knowledge of and ability to read and interpret blueprint drawings, specifications, and system documentation. Must possess leadership skills and the ability to work closely with diverse groups of people, including company employees at all levels, area contractors, owners, suppliers and other outside professionals with whom the company deals with on a regular basis. In addition, must be able to work with and lead people, negotiate, speak publicly, analyze problems and translate company goals into actions necessary to achieve the goals. Computer literacy in Microsoft Office products and MS Projects for scheduling are required.


PHYSICAL:    Includes sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling, and use of hands and arms to operate office and field equipment.


MENTAL:      Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently, knowledge of advanced math, heavy engineering and technical research abilities a plus. Must be able to work under time and budgetary pressures.




This person will work a portion of the time in the office, which is a smoke-free temperature controlled environment with little noise. The outside setting will be spent in the open visiting job sites that can be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, hazardous, noisy, and dusty. Other outside efforts entail visits to customers, association meetings, or vendors that may require travel by air or automobile with overnight stays at remote facilities. These locations are visited throughout the year and during all weather conditions.