Warehouse/Yard Supervisor

Warehouse/Yard Supervisor


This Job Description establishes and describes the authority, duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships and measure of accomplishment for the functional position of the Reed City Warehouse/Yard Supervisor for The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company, as assigned to that function by the Vice President Fleet and Asset Management. This position is considered an exempt salary position, the job requirements and your performance, will dictate the required hours to complete the necessary tasks with a minimum of 45 to 50 hours per week.


Supervise the daily activities of the tooling and supplies warehouse and its staff.

Plan, direct, and coordinate delivery of tooling (and other electrical contracting type material) between company projects, yards, vendors, and other various locations.

Supervise the Reed City yard activities for organization, security, inventory, housekeeping and upkeep.

Provide accurate inventory controls for tooling, materials, and test equipment.


The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor receives sufficient authority from, and is accountable to the Vice President Fleet and Asset Management for the successful completion of assigned duties and responsibilities.

The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor has the authority to approve necessary purchases, (up to a future determined amount), to manage and administer all operational affairs of the warehouse and tooling efforts within The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company's established guidelines.

The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor has the authority, within established company guidelines, to hire, fire, promote, demote or discipline those key individuals reporting directly to this position and direct these individuals to do the same with any subordinates.

The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor has the authority to take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position, so long as such action does not deviate from established company policies and is consistent with sound business judgment.


The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor reports to the Vice President Fleet and Asset Management.

The following positions report directly to the Warehouse/Yard Supervisor:

  • Warehouse Staff

The Warehouse/Yard Supervisor must maintain harmonious relationships with company employees, Sub-Contractors, General Contractors, Owners, and other individuals associated with ongoing projects.


The principal duties and responsibilities of the Warehouse/Yard Supervisor consist of, but are not limited to, the following:Oversee the safety practices and well-being of the Warehouse team members, and ensure that all safety policies, rules, and regulations are followed and enforced.Working closely with the schedules and management of all The Hydaker Wheatlake Company projects, plan, coordinate and implement cost effective delivery strategies of company tools and supplies.Develop strategies to improve the Reed City warehouse building, including storage and shelving organization, floor space, inventory system methods and security. 

Supervise and mentor the warehouse team members.

Maintain accurate records and up to date accreditations certificates for all test equipment.

Schedule, manage and perform annual inventory for the Reed City yard.

Lead and implement projects for improving yard conditions, housekeeping, security, organization, and inventory control.

Assist with the development and implementation of a companywide tool tracking software system.

Develop a process for the quality inspection of all inbound and outbound company assets passing through the Reed City yard, to insure units are in proper working condition, are stocked with the appropriate tooling and supplies, and are compliant with all regulations.

Ensures that staffing for the Warehouse team is kept at appropriate levels, turnover is held to a minimum, and that turnover that does occur is in the best interest of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company.

Maintains cooperative working relationships with all Utility Supply and Construction Company employees. This includes "inter" and "intra" departmental employees. Also included are all customers, contractors, owners, and suppliers

Work closely with other Fleet and Asset Management Department employees in the coordination of their functions for yard organization, tool supplies and deliveries, and all administrative functions required to properly track tool and supply costs.

Maintains awareness of the general employee morale and initiates whatever procedures are necessary to improve and maintain an acceptable level, to include interviewing random crew members on a routine basis to ensure positive employee relations.

Ensure your availability to respond to Storm or Emergency work that may occur from time to time for proper support of customer’s needs.

Performs any other related or unrelated, unassigned, unspecified, unusual or special duty the Vice President Fleet and Asset Management may assign from time to time.


The Warehouse/Yard supervisor shall be deemed to be performing in a satisfactory manner when the following has been met and/or exceeded:

Ensuring all requested, tooling, and supply deliveries to all projects are completed accurately and on time.

Maintain yard and warehouse inventory by accurately tracking incoming and outgoing shipments and performing regular inventory verifications

Company standards for safety regulations are adhered to by all logistics personnel

All information for invoicing is completed accurately and submitted in an accurate and timely manner, no later than 30 days between invoicing cycles.

Actual performance vs. budget and goals are reported accurately on a monthly basis and strategies are in place to ensure continuing improvements.

Overall Satisfaction of the Vice President Fleet and Asset Management.



Preferred:        Bachelor's Degree in Supply Chain Management or Business Administration or related field; however, experience with warehousing, tooling, and asset tracking in a utility contracting environment may suffice

Required:        High School Degree or equivalent.


Required:        3-5 years of experience in a warehousing environment, with supervisor capacity

SKILLS:         Must have the ability to learn and establish departmental policies, procedures, and practices. Strong verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills. Must be able to interact and communicate with internal customers and vendors. Must be able to prioritize workload and shift work activities in order to meet business needs and department goals. Possesses the ability to independently arrange and organize work efforts on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Works well under stress and maintains tight deadlines. Possesses the ability to multi-task on a consistent basis. Able to conceptualize and implement performance objectives that meet established requirements. Able to demonstrate a high degree of personal and professional ethics and integrity. Commercial Driver’s License and Fork Truck experience is a plus.

PHYSICAL:   Includes sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling, and use of hands and arms to operate office and field equipment.

MENTAL:      Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently, knowledge of advanced math, heavy engineering and technical research abilities a plus. Must be able to work under time and budgetary pressures.


This person will work a portion of the time in a warehouse office, which is a smoke-free, temperature controlled environment with little noise. The outside setting will be spent inside a non-climate controlled warehouse or out in the yard, can be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, hazardous, noisy, and dusty. Other outside efforts entail visits to vendor, company projects or trade shows that may require travel by air or automobile with overnight stays at remote facilities. These locations are visited throughout the year and during all weather conditions

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