Frank Wheatlake

Chairman Emeritus

Frank Wheatlake is the Chairman Emeritus of Utility Supply and Construction Company. Joining USC in 1984, he has held various roles over the years including Superintendent, Vice President, President, Chairman, and CEO. Outside of USC, Frank served as Director of Chemical Financial Corporation and TCF Bank, and Outside Lead Director for Chemical Financial Corporation. Throughout his career, Frank has demonstarted strong leadership skills, guiding teams through complex projects and facilitating effective communication between various stakeholders.

Frank earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Michigan Tech University. His education combined with experience of leading a diverse business organization, has allowed Frank to contribute significantly to the company.

Frank has been a staple in the community and utility industry through his involvement and holding positions such as Michigan Natural Resources Commissioner, Chairman of the Natural Resources Finance & Administration Committee, Chairman of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Chairman Michigan Trails Advisory Council, Chairman of the Negotiating Committee, American Line Builders Association for Local 876 and Local 17 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and more.