Providing The Utility Expertise You Need, Every Single Day.

Established in 1924, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has been involved in the effective construction of utility facilities ever since. As a member of Utility Supply and Construction Company, HWC provides turnkey solutions with safe, quality service to the utility industry 100% of the time.

HWC possesses the talent to design and procure the necessary material and then build the most cost-effective and efficient system for our customers. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic, flexible company able to mobilize and execute work in a wide variety of locations, safely in a minimal amount of time. Most importantly, we provide the highest quality product for the lowest installed cost.

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has expertise in all facets for infrastructure of utility construction. HWC is staffed to undertake the task of managing the maintenance, construction, inspection, and repair of substations, gas, or electric distribution lines and transmission lines for power plant, solar power, and wind farm generation. HWC has the ability to not only perform the fieldwork requested, but also manage the reporting and documentation required by any company or municipality. 

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company seeks out and employs a workforce exceeding customer expectations and standards in both quality and safety. In addition, HWC's Project Management Teams work systematically to ensure finished projects are under budget and on time. 

Our robust and diverse utility experience as well as vertical integration with our partners ensure an ease of interconnect with customers second to none. Most importantly, our attention to detail regarding the safety of our employees, customers, and general public makes us one of the safest utility contractors in the industry.