Catalina Conversion Phase 3

Michigan | 2023

The Catalina Conversion Phase 3 project is an Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) project in which The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) is the prime contractor.  CVR Engineering (CVR), is a sister company to HWC and is the engineering sub-contractor to HWC.

The utility company is in the process of converting their 8.32kV system to a 13.2kV system.  This project scope includes converting three 8.32kV circuits and connecting them into a single 13.2kV in a mix of urban and suburban environments.  The project includes many complexities such as HVD overbuild, primary and secondary line rebuild, primary line extension, right of way (ROW) acquisition, underground upgrades, joint use considerations and conversion to armless construction.  

As part of project responsibilities CVR with be coordinating with other HWC subcontractors for ROW acquisition and survey. Lidar survey is to be used during detailed design, CVR will also utilize the utility’s system, which includes but not limited to ESRI and Maximo. PoleForeman is utilized for the analysis of all structures except those covered by PLS-CADD, which is specifically used for analyzing high voltage distribution (HVD) underbuild and reconductoring sections. Following field data verification and review of existing infrastructure, CVR specifies equipment to be removed, installed and replaced. Equipment along the route includes structures, arresters, transformers, insulators, fuses and conductor. 

CVR’s deliverables include structure and line models, drawing work packages and bills of materials.  CVR works diligently between the utility and HWC to ensure project success for all stakeholders by balancing design with procurement and construction planning quality reviews to ensure project completion is feasible and within schedule.